Online Education

How to's for distance education students (online students). Information on how to access help resources, computer requirements & recommendations for online students and proctoring needs.


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Resources for Faculty and students to aid in understanding State Authorization and Professional Licensure Certification

New Students

Getting started information for new online students.

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Direct Links to Campus Systems

Direct access to DSU student systems.

Get Help: For Online/Distance Students

Ways for online and distance education students to get help from DSU ITS Support Services.

Location Always Matters

If you are a student or prospective student interested in an educational program that may lead to professional licensure or certificate, you should be aware of certain policies or information important for your success.

Proctor Information

General Information

Professional Licensure Certification Map

Circled areas on map means DSU Meets Program Curriculum Educational Requirements for State Licensure or Certification

What to Do Next When Looking at Acceptance

Why it is important to know location, program, licensure, certification, and out-of-state activity for admission.