Get Connected to On-Campus Residence Halls: Registering Gaming Devices

Residence Halls:  Registering your Gaming Device on the Wireless Network



DSU provides one hospitality unit per room in all of our Residence Halls.  Students can use for their assigned DSU laptop, personal desktops, smart tv and gaming devices. 

These units provide access to the GoTrojans wireless network, DSUGaming wireless network and wired ports for personal devices.


Getting Started:

On a separate computer (your assigned DSU laptop or personal device) which needs to be connected to the DSU network, open a browser and navigate to Device Registration Page.

An authentication screen will appear.  Enter your DSU Network credentials and click OK.

Authentication Required pop up screen shot


Device Registration Screen:

This screen will show all devices you have registered while at DSU.  You can add or delete devices, as you need. 

NOTE:  DSU will periodically clear these devices to make room in Active Directory, especially between semesters.  Please check this page first if your device loses connection.

Device Registration webpage screen shot

Enter a device name (this can be anything to help you keep track of your devices) and the device’s MAC address.  The MAC address can generally be found in the network settings of your device.  If you are having issues finding the MAC address, please use Google to help you locate it.)

Entering fields for Device Registration screen shot

Click Add a Device button to continue.

Successful device registration screen shot

Once you have received the ‘Success!!’ message you can then connect to the ‘DSUGaming’ wireless SSID.



My devices does not have internet access but it gets a IP address:

Double check the MAC address has been entered correctly in Device Registration Page.

Restart the device and check IP again.

Submit a support ticket:  WiFi & Network Access


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