Get Connected to On-Campus Residence Halls: Wired Network

Residence Halls:  Connecting Devices to the Wired Network



DSU provides one hospitality unit per room in all of our Residence Halls.  Students can use for their assigned DSU laptop, personal desktops, smart tv and gaming devices. 

These units provide access to the GoTrojans wireless network, DSUGaming wireless network and wired ports for personal devices (desktops, tablets, etc.).


What you need to know:

The DSU Residence Hall network now uses 802.1x to authenticate users to the appropriate wired networks.  These instructions will show you how to enable this feature on your computer so you can authenticate.


Mac OS Computers:

When you plug a MacOS computer into the network you will be prompted for you username and password automatically. 

Enter your DSU Network Username and password (do not use the DSU\).


Windows 10 Computers:

Right-click Start, Run and type “services.msc” and press Enter.

Scroll down and double click “Wired AutoConfig”.

Change the Startup Type using dropdown to read “Automatic”.

Click Start.

Click OK.

Right-click Start, Run and type “control netconnections” then press Enter.

Right-click Local Area Connection and select Properties (Local Area Connection may be displayed with another name such as Ethernet, Wired, Intel – you want to choose the “wired” connection)

Click the Authentication tab.

Click the Settings button and uncheck the box “Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate” and click OK.

Click the Additional Settings button.  Check the box for Specify Authentication Mode, change the dropdown to read User Authentication, then click Save Credentials.  Enter your DSU Network Username and password (Use DSU\ in front of your username; i.e., dsu\username) Click OK three times.

User Auth

You will now be connected to the wired network in the residence halls.

NOTE:  Depending on your computer, it may take a minute or two to obtain an IP address before you will be able to access the Internet.




Do not plug devices into the the port labled E0/PT on the bottom of the AP. Only use ports E1, E2, and E3.


Other Devices in Residence Halls:

If you have other devices, such as an Xbox, Play Station, Wii, please see Related Article:  WiFi & Network Access / Residence Hall:  Registering your Gaming Device


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