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How to schedule a Zoom meeting.
This feature is ideal for Program Assistants who schedule meetings for their department heads.
This article will walk you through downloading, scheduling a recurring meeting, inviting students, and recording your lecture with Zoom
Tips on how to secure and manage your meeting from unwanted guests and distracting users.
How to add preferred pronouns to your Zoom profile and choose when they are shared.
How to share your screen, choose audio and video devices, and an overview of other in-meeting Zoom features.
How to sign into your DSU Zoom account.
Make a local .mp4 video recording of your Zoom meeting to upload to Panopto or other video service.
Automatically move your Zoom cloud recordings to Panopto.
Automatically place Zoom recordings based on Meeting IDs to specific class folders in Panopto with Meeting ID Mapping.
How to join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom. Test your microphone, webcam, and computer audio.
List of rooms with recording and video conferencing equipment.
How to remove Outlook from automatically creating Teams meetings for all Outlook meetings.
Automatically create a Zoom meeting within an Outlook calendar event.
How to share a lecture recording made with Zoom