Panopto - Zoom Integration

Enabling the Zoom integration in Panopto will allow you to automatically move your Zoom cloud recordings into Panopto.

  1. Log into Panopto and click your user name in the upper right corner and select "User Settings" from the drop down menu. a


2.Under "Meeting Import Settings"  Check the box at the bottom next to "Zoom" to enable the integration. Then click update.


3. Select the default folder you would like your Zoom recordings to go to. It is recommended to choose "My folder" or create a new folder for your Zoom recordings. Do not select a course folder for D2L. In the next step recordings can be mapped to automatically be added to your course folders based on the meeting ID.

Shows Meeting import settings witht the Zoom box checked. Default Folder option shows "My Folder" selected and circled in red.

Meeting Mapping

Meeting mapping will allow you to enter a recurring Zoom meeting ID and have the recordings automatically placed in a chosen Panopto folder. This can be used to have Zoom recordings placed in specific class folders automatically making them available for students.

1. A recurring meeting will always have the same meeting ID. Setup a recurring meeting for each of the courses you would like to have recordings automatically moved for.

On the Zoom website

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Give the meeting a name in topic text field. (This could be the course name)
  • Check the Recurring meeting box
  • Select to have the Meeting ID generated automatically.
  • Choose your preferred meeting settings.
  • Optionally choose "Automatically record to cloud" to have your meetings start recording as soon as your start the meeting.
  • Click Save.

Zoom schedule a meeting tab. Recurring meeting is checked with red box. Options is highlighted in red box. Automatically record meeting to the cloud is check and in the cloud is checked. Options are in red box.



2. Note the Zoom meeting ID:

Zoom meetings tab with the meeting ID highlighted.




3. Navigate back to Panopto.

  • Open your user settings again. (step 1 of Zoom Integration)
  • Scroll down to the Zoom integration settings.
  • Enter the meeting ID of your recurring Zoom meeting.
  • Choose the folder you would like all recordings with this meeting ID to be put.
  • Click Save.

Arrows poing to text field indicating where to enter the Zoom Meeting ID. Additional text box with arrow pointing to dropdown menu to select the folder where all recuring Zoom meetings with the enter ID should be placed.



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