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Learn how to move and copy multiple Panopto videos at the same time. This can be useful if you have videos that need to be available in multiple courses or sections.
Links to Panopto Basic training and upcoming/on demand webinars hosted by Panopto.
How to access Panopto in D2L
Video Assignments - Students submit videos to instructors
Video Quizzes - Assign a Panopto Quiz as an activity in D2L and have the quiz results automatically added to the grade book.
Automatically move your Zoom cloud recordings to Panopto.
Automatically place Zoom recordings based on Meeting IDs to specific class folders in Panopto with Meeting ID Mapping.
Basic training webinar
Getting started articles cover viewing, creating, editing, and sharing videos with Panopto.
Link to Panopto Support
How to find videos migrated from Ensemble to Panopto