Panopto - D2L Integration

Adding the Panopto course tool to a Brightspace course will create a folder in Panopto which stores all Panopto videos for that course. Additionally, each course will get its own folder.

When users access Brightspace through the course tool or embedded video, they are automatically signed into Panopto. Instructors are given creator access in Panopto which allows them to record, edit, and change video settings. Students are given viewer access and can view videos. The Sharing Settings are synced with the Brightspace Course enrollment so students are automatically able to access the correct videos if they add or drop a course.

Accessing Panopto in D2L

First add the Panopt External Learning tool to each course in D2L. Once added click the tool to open it and a Panopto folder will be created with the course name.

After you have added the external learning tool and created a course folder in Panopto, you can use the "Insert Stuff" D2L tool to embed a video to a D2L post.



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