Getting Started with Panopto and Feature Overview

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Panopto Features

  • Integrates with D2L - Faculty can simply add single videos to a content area or create a curation of course videos inside a course folder. Additionally, faculty can create graded video assignments, where students are instructed to use Panopto to record and submit their work. Video quizzes can also be created that automatically create and enter a score in the D2L gradebook. Once faculty have added the Panopto External Learning tool in a D2L course, a Panopto video folder is created automatically. Any video in this folder is only available to be viewed by students in your D2L course.
  • Enhanced Classroom Recording/Conferencing Capabilities – Over 30 classrooms have been equipped with room cameras and microphones that can be connected to instructor laptops with USB. The ceiling microphones allow the entire classroom discussion to be heard clearly in recordings and video conferences. These rooms work with Panopto Capture software as well as any software that allows a USB camera and microphone to be used such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. A list of rooms with these capabilities and directions on how to use them can be found here:


  • Closed Captions – All videos uploaded to Panopto will automatically receive machine generated closed captions. Human captioning is available upon request.



  • Integrates with Zoom – Users can opt in to have their Zoom cloud recordings automatically added to your Panopto video library. Recuring Zoom meetings can also be mapped to go to specific class folders automatically by mapping the Zoom meeting IDs.



  • Video Viewing Statistics – Stats are kept on each video of who, when, how much, and what parts of the video have been watched.



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