Teaching a Course Live with Zoom and Recording

Teaching your class live can be achieved using Zoom. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up your meeting and recording it.


Download Zoom

Open a browser and go to https://dsu.zoom.us/download to download the “Zoom Client for Meetings”

Once the download is complete click the installer to install Zoom.

Sign into Zoom

Open Zoom and click sign in.

Zoom Sign in Page. Zoom logo at top with two buttons. Top button to join a meeting and second button to sign in.

Choose “Sign in with SSO”

Zoom sign in page with options to enter your email and password. Additional sign in options on the right for SSO, Google, and Facebook accounts.


 Type in “dsu” for the company domain and click continue. Zoom will either sign you in automatically or redirect you to a webpage to sign in. Use your DSU email address and password to sign in.


sign in with zoom. company domain text box with dsu filled in.



Schedule a Meeting

In the Zoom app, click schedule.

Zoom application home page. Options for starting a new meeting, schedule a meeting, join a meeting or share screen are displayed with schedule circled in red.





The settings below will setup a recurring meeting. A recurring meeting will allow you to use the same Zoom ID and link for the duration of your course. You can post the one Zoom link in D2L for your class. You will want to create a recurring meeting for each class. Click schedule once you have your settings to your liking.


Meeting settings window shown after selecting schedule meeting

Settings Explanation:

Topic: type in course name

Recurring meeting: check this box if you will be meeting with the same group multiple times

Meeting ID: Generate automatically

Password: do not require a password

Video: Allows Host or participants to use webcams. Choose your preference.

Audio: Telephone and Computer Audio

Calendar: Outlook

Advanced Options

Enable Waiting Room: Each participant will be put in a waiting room upon joining the meeting. The Host will have to let each participant in.

Enable Join Before Host: Lets participants join before the host and interact with others before the host starts the meeting. If you uncheck this box, participants will be able to join the meeting but not interact with others until the Host joins.

Mute participants on entry: Defaults participants mic to mute when they join the meeting. They can unmute at anytime.

Only Authenticated users can Join: Leave unchecked. Checking this box will require students to sign into Zoom.

Automatically record meeting: Checking this box will automatically start recording the meeting once you start it. You can choose to uncheck this and start the recording at anytime in the meeting as well.

Local Recording: save the video file to your computer. This will take time to process after the recording is complete

Cloud Recording: Saves the recording to Zoom’s cloud. This can take hours to process and is dependent on Zoom’s servers. The recording will include an automatically generated closed caption file, while a local recording will not. You will receive an email when your video is ready. You can download your recordings to your computer when it is ready.


Inviting Students to your Zoom Meeting

In the Zoom app, click the “Meetings” tab at the top. You should see all of your scheduled meetings.

Click “Copy invitation” and then paste that into D2L, email, or distribute how you see fit.

The invitation will include the Zoom link for participants to join. Zoom will automatically install and join the meeting when the meeting link is clicked.


Click the recorded tab on the left side to see your past recordings.

The meetings tab is shown with upcoming meetings on the left side of the window  the options for the selected meeting showing up on the right side of the window

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