Sharing a Zoom Recording with Students


Once you have recorded your Zoom meeting, open the Zoom app and click the meetings tab at the top. Then the Recorded tab on the left. Select the meeting you would like to download from the left column and then click open on the right side.

Shows the Zoom app. The meeting tab at the top is highlighted to show it has been selected. On the left column a the "recorded" button is highlighted to show it has been selected.A list of all Zoom recordings are on the left side. The right side shows information about the selected Zoom recording on the left side. On the right side there are buttons to either open, play, or play audio of the Zoom recording.


Downloading a Recording

If you recorded your video with the “local” setting continue to the next step.

 If you recorded to the cloud, jump to the “Sharing a Zoom Cloud Recording"




Uploading Local Recordings to Panopto

When you click the open button on your selected recording it will open the folder on your computer where the video is saved. It will include 3 files. An audio only recording (.mp3), a playlist (.m3u), and a video file (.mp4) You only need the .mp4 video file. The video file will be called “Zoom_0” and you can double click it to play it on your computer.

Shows a Windows 10 file explorer with three files from the Zoom recording. The three files are named audio_only, playback, and zoom_0. zoom_0 is highlighted to show it is an mp4 file.

Once you have located the mp4 you are ready to upload your video to Panopto and create a folder to share with your students. The folder will allow you to put all your course videos at a single link which can be then integrated to D2L for students to view.

Follow to integrate Panopto folders with D2L courses -

Follow the tutorials for Panopto here -


Sharing a Zoom Cloud Recording

When you click the Open button in the Zoom app on the recording it will open a browser and bring you to your Zoom account and the recording you selected. The “My Recordings” link at the top will bring you to all of your Cloud Zoom recordings. Please note it could take a day or longer to process Zoom cloud recordings. You can check their progress by logging into your zoom account at and then clicking "Recordings" on the left side menu.

Window showing the selected Zoom recording. There is a tumbnail with a play icon to play the video. There are buttons to download all three files and copy shareable link. Below are buttons to download individual files for the shared screen with speaker view, audio only, and audio transcript.

There are two options for sharing your videos with students:

  1. Create a shareable link that will link to a folder or individual video on the Panopto website. The tutorial for sharing folders is available here The tutorial for sharing individual videos with multiple users is here


  1. Setup Panopto's integration with Zoom and D2L. Panopto has an integration with Zoom where a recurring meeting can be set to upload the recording automatically to a Panopto folder you specify. Coupled with the D2L integration in Panopto the folder you specified can be linked to a specific D2L course. 

Zoom integration tutorial can be found here

D2L integration tutorial can be found here



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