Signing into Zoom


How to sign into your DSU Zoom account. If you are signing in with the mobile app or desktop application be sure to select "Sign In with SSO"


Sign in with a Browser

  1. Open and browser and go to
  2. Click Sign in

Screen capture showing options to Join, Host, or Sign in.


  1. You will be redirected to a login page. Use your DSU email address and password to sign in.


Screen capture of the DSU Single Sign On login page


Sign in Using Desktop Application or Mobile App

  1. Open the Zoom desktop or mobile app
  2. Click "Sign on with SSO"

Screen capture of Zoom sign in page. There is a red circle around the "Sign In with SSO" button


3. Enter "DSU" for the company domain.

Screen capture of Zoom application asking to enter the company Domain. DSU is entered in the text box.


4. You may get redirected to a login page. Sign in with your DSU email address and passwrod.

Screen capture of the DSU Single Sign On login page

5. Zoom should automatically launch. If it does not, click the launch Zoom button on the page.

Screen capture of the Launch Zoom button


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