How To: Update your Campus Alert Settings

  • How do I change my contact settings in Campus Alert system?

  • I want to opt into or remove other school's alerts?


Every student, staff, and faculty member at any of the South Dakota’s public Higher Education locations or the special schools will receive an email from the Campus Alert system with their registration information.

What you need to know:  

  • Your home institution email will be entered by default.  You cannot change or remove this option.
  • If you are taking a course from another institution, you will also receive alerts for this university.
  • If any information is incorrect, please contact the Registrar's Office (students) or Human Resources (staff) to correct.

  • DSU Campus Alert System


Your User Information Screen:

  1. Login to the Campus Alert System using your DSU school credentials.

    • After you have successfully logged into the system, you will be presented with your user information.  Please review the information displayed.  If any of this information is not correct, please refer to the FAQs: Emergency Notification Program (frequently asked questions) for additional information.

  2. Select the Edit button (at the bottom of the form) to add or update your delivery methods for receiving emergency notifications or the university opt-in groups and to complete the registration process.
  3. You can set the priority of your delivery methods by using the  up and down buttons in front of the delivery option. The campus assigned email address is mandatory and is not editable, but you can update and enter the other options available. Please include all methods information that you would like the system to use when notifying you in an emergency. If a method is blank it is not used for notifications

System-Assigned Groups:

  1. The System-Assigned Groups are predetermined if you are a faculty, staff, or student.

University Opt-In Groups:

  1. You may opt-in a university group if you would like to receive notifications from another university other than your system group(s).

Review the information you have entered:

  1. If you selected the Edit button this will be replaced with the Save and Cancel buttons.  Select the Save button at the bottom of the form to save your updates and to confirm that you have completed the registration process.  You will see a confirmation message at the top of your browser window.

Thank you for participating in the DSU Campus Alert system. This system will help keep our students, staff, and faculty safe in case of emergencies.

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