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Dakota State's Campus Alert system, powered by Everbridge, serves as an emergency notification tool for all public universities under the SD Board of Regents. Its main function is to inform students, staff, and faculty of any emergency situations that occur on or near campus grounds. Examples of emergencies that may trigger the alert system include severe weather, building evacuations, unexpected closures, missing persons, and security concerns.

  • ALL CAMPUS USERS are automatically included in the DSU Alert System using their campus-assigned email address and preferred cell number. Users can also log in and add their campus-provided phone numbers, such as desk or additional cellular phones. 

To receive time-sensitive messages, users can click on the "Set Alert Preferences" option and choose where and how they want to receive notifications. They can select their home, mobile, or business phones, email addresses, text messages, and more. With this feature, users can personalize their notification experience according to their needs and preferences.


Setting your contact preferences allows you to:

  • receive alerts via text message, phone call or personal email address
  • control the contact order you receive alerts
  • opt-in to receive alerts from other universities
Available To

Students, faculty, staff and affiliates


This service is available at no cost.


Use of the DSU Campus Alert System is governed by the South Dakota Board of Regents 7:3 Campus Alert System policy.

Update Alert Peferences

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