Get Connected to Eduroam Wireless at DSU

Get Connected to Eduroam Wireless at DSU



Eduroam is a secure and worldwide roaming access service that lets educators, researchers, and others in higher education instantly log on to Wi-Fi at participating schools. The service is available campus-wide.

Who should use eduroam?

All students, faculty or staff who are visiting from another SDBOR institution and have a valid campus/school email address.  Those include BHSU, NSU, SDSU, SDSM&T, USD and SDBOR/RIS employees.

Note:  DSU students, staff & faculty should not use eduroam while on DSU’s campus, use GoTrojans. Use eduroam only when you are visiting other SDBOR campuses.

Visiting faculty, staff, students from participating eduroam* institutions.

How do I connect to eduroam?

Look for “eduroam” listed in your list of available wireless networks.

If you are a SDBOR student (non-DSU) student, faculty, or staff member, use your institution’s credentials to access eduroam.
If you are a visitor from a participating institution, enter your credentials from your home institution.

Note:  Eduroam is available on all SDBOR institutions which include DSU, BHSU, NSU, SDSU, SDSM&T, USD, UCSF & UCRC.


My credentials won’t work!

If you are not a DSU user, contact your participating home school/university Help Desk.
If you are a DSU, submit a ticket or contact ITS Support Desk.


Where can I find more information?

*Participating institutions:
For more information, visit:


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