Get Connected to Guest Wireless at DSU

Connecting to DSU’s Guest Wireless Network



All campus buildings and Residence Halls have wireless coverage. This provides convenience and access to the Internet, the ability to manage the connectivity of your wireless devices, and the ability to sponsor guests by providing them wireless access to our campus network.

DSU’s Guest wireless is for those visiting DSU’s campus and need a wireless Internet connection.  This wireless network does not allow for connecting to any of DSU’s network resources (file server, printing, etc).

Before you begin:

Note:  Guest Accounts are only active for 24 hours.  Guests must re-log in to the Guest wireless network every 24 hours.

Be sure that your wireless connection is on.

Connecting to Guest wireless:

In the lower right hand corner of your desktop (by system time) find the wireless icon and click once to bring up wireless network options. Note: if you have a red X thru the wireless icon, check your wireless Access Point to be sure it is turned on.
Taskbar wireless icon screen shot

Find and click on the Guest wireless and choose Connect.
Available wireless network screen shot


Wireless will make a connection attempt.
Choose Guest wireless screen shot

Open a web browser of your choice and browse out to a webpage. You should be redirected to the guest network registration page shown below.

Click the “create” button. This will bring to a screen that looks like this:

Enter in your E-mail Address and a password you wish to use to connect to the network (can be any password of your choice). Accept the Terms and conditions and then click “Log in”.


You should now be redirected to a page displaying your login information, with a login button at the bottom. Click “LOG IN” and you should now have access to the network. If the page doesn't automatically redirect, please try to manually type an address in the URL bar, such as, to check that you have connectivity.



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