Duo: Setting up MFA

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Duo authenticates your login by sending a notification to your mobile device through their secure application. The Duo Mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices.

As part of our effort to better protect the users and data at Dakota State, ITS has applied Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to all of our systems. DUO was chosen as the preferred solution because it offers a user-friendly experience and has excellent technical support.

DUO MFA is mandatory for all faculty and staff in the SDBOR system.


  • Duo Multi-Factor Authentication



Once you have completed the password setup, you will see a message to "Continue" to complete DUO MFA setup.  Users will not be able to log into any DSU systems until this step is complete.

  1. On your phone
    1. Install Duo Mobile app from your phone's app store.
  2. Once you are ready, click the "Continue"  when prompted during Account Setup.  Follow the instruction on screen to complete your device setup.
    1. Sign in using your DSU email address and password.
    2. When prompted, click Start Setup.
    3. Click Mobile Phone
    4. Click Continue
    5. Enter your phone number
      • Verify and check the box
    6. Click Continue
    7. Click the phone type
    8. Click Continue
    9. Click the I have DUO Mobile to continue.
    10. Using the DUO App installed on your phone, select Use QR code and scan code provided.
    11. Click Continue


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