eAccounts Mobile: Your DSU ID Card

eAccounts Mobile:  Your DSU ID Card



Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts application provides easy access to loading funds to your Trojan Card.  You can use this app to manage your account, add funds or freeze your account if your card is lost or stolen.


How to install app:

Open the App Store or Play Store and seach for Blackboard eAccounts to install.  For iOS the app will have a blue box with 2 white arrows, for Android these will a gray box with two red arrows.


Configure the eAccounts app:

Once you have it installed, you will add a site and are now going to look for South Dakota DSU-SDSU-USD and then will choose DSU and login with your BORIS username and password.


Adding your payment method:

To manage your payment method, log into the DSU eAccounts webpage.  You can access this page from the Card Services page on the Quick Links box in the MyDSU portal or from the DSU Website by going to Student Life, Dining Services, Card Services, scroll down to and click the Add some Trojan Gold link.  Login using your BORIS username/password.

Once you are logged, on the Accounts page, click the +Add Money link next to the plan you wish to add funds too.  Review the Deposit Information page, add your amount and click Next.  Add your payment method/card information and click Submit.  You will see a confirmation page prior to saving.

Your payment method is now available in the eAccounts apps on your phone or device



If you have any issues loading your payment or using this app, please see DSU's Card Services Specialist, Student Services in the Trojan Center.




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