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D2L (Desire2Learn) is a course management system (CMS) that provides student with a web-based environment for online course delivery and class interaction. 

I am signed up for one or more courses this upcoming semester, why can’t I see my course(s) under D2L?

You won't be able to see courses that have not been activated yet in D2L.  Instructors decide when they will activate their respective courses for each semester.  If your course has officially started and you still cannot see your course, please notify DSU-D2L@sdbor.edu with course name.


Which issues should I contact my instructor for help with?

Extensions on assignments, quizzes, discussions, exams, etc.

Request for additional quiz attempts.

Specific details or questions about course material, for example, instructions.

Grade inquiry for assignments, discussions, etc.


When do courses start?

Generally, course start dates are set to start in D2L to coincide with the start date of the semester although this is not always the case.  For information on when a specific course is available after start date, contact your instructor for that course.


Why is a course I’m registered for not visible in D2L when I sign in?

There could be several reasons why a course you are registered for is not visible in D2L:

If you have only registered for the course within the last 24 hours, the registration may not be processed yet.  Please wait 24-28 hours after registering for a course to appear in D2L.

The course may not be active.  Your instructor is responsible for activating the course.  You can contact instructor to inquire when the course will be activated.

The course has not started.  Courses are not visible until their start date.

The instructor may not be using D2L for this course.  Contact your instructor for more information.


How do I access a course?

After you log into D2L, you can access a course by doing the following:

From the navbar, click Select a course, and choose a course from the list or search for it.

From the home page, click a course from the My Courses widget.


How do I pin courses to the top of the Select a Course List?

To easily access the courses you are enrolled in, you can pin them.

When hovering over a course in the My Courses section you will see a elipses menu in the top right. Click and select 'Pin'. You will now see a thumbtack icon in the top right corner of the course indicating that it has been pinned.



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