Setup: Outlook Client (Windows)

Setup:  Connect DSU email to Outlook Client - Students



These directions are for students or staff (who are not connected to the domain) who wish to install and configure Outlook to connect to their DSU email account.


Before you begin:

Be sure to user your DSU network username/password for Outlook client setup.  


Setup Outlook Instructions:

From your Start menu, open Outlook 2016.  Click Next to continue setup.  Choose Yes to setup Outlook to an email account and then click Next.
Add an email account options screen shot

New account properties will open and you will need to complete Your Name and email address.  Click Next.
Complete personal info for Add Account screen shot

Check the Don’t ask me about this website again and click Allow (this may not show up right away)
Allow website to configure screen shot

The system will automatically search for your account and you will be prompted to log in with your DSU network account credentials.  Your email address will automatically be used for the User.  You will need to choose the More choices link and choose Use a different account choice. 

*Remember to use the DSU\ in front of your username or setup will not complete.  Check the Remember my password box.  Click Ok.
Enter your credentials for Oulook screen shot

Once your account credentials are resolved, you should see checkmarks and the option to click Finish. 
Finish outlook configuration screen shot

You can now open your Outlook 2016 and your email will start loading in Outlook client (this may take a few minutes, depending on how much mail you have in your Inbox).
Outlook preparing for first time use startup screen shot



In cases where Outlook clients for Windows have challenges logging in or other functionality appears to not work, it can be due to a corrupt email profile.  The following actions may help.

NOTE:  This should not be the first step for fixing general Outlook performance issues.

Troubleshooting for Windows 7 Users:

1.    Close Outlook.

2.    Open the Control Panel in Windows.

3.    Locate the Mail (32-bit).

4.    Locate the profile and delete it.

5.    Restart Outlook and provide the needed configuration information.

Troubleshooting for Windows 10 Users:

1.    Right-click the Windows 10 Start and then select Control Panel.

2.    If you are in Category view, click User Accounts, and then select Mail.  If you are in icon view, select Mail.

3.    Click Show Profiles in the Mail Setup – Outlook window.

4.    Highlight any profiles you see, click Remove, and then click Ok.

5.    Close all windows, restart computer, and then restart Outlook to complete the configuration process.



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