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Cell phone updates through Cell Phone Number Maintenance will require login with your DSU credentials and will display the active cell phone number if Self Service Banner currently contains one. You can update your existing cell phone number and select the Submit Button to save your changes.  The cell phone number submitted will be the new active cell phone number; only one active cell phone number is allowed.
If you want to delete your active cell phone number without submitting a new cell phone number, please use the "Remove Cell Phone" form.  Note that removing your cell phone means that you will not be sent notifications to your cell phone from DSU Campus Alert or text messages from Trojan Connect (EAB).


Campus users may opt to use their cell phone number as a secondary contact for DSU Campus Alert notifications.

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Update Cell Phone Number Remove Cell Phone Number

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Service Offerings (2)

Update Cell Phone Number
Use this form to update your phone number in Self Service Banner
Remove Cell Phone Number
Use this form to remove your phone number from Self Service Banner.