How To: Install VMWare Horizon Client

Installing VMWare Horizon Client


A virtual machine is just a computer that runs on a server in our server room.  A physical machine is the laptop or desktop you use at your desk.  The physical and virtual machines function very similarly.  You connect to the virtual machine remotely using your physical machine and a piece of software that bridges the connection.  At DSU, we use the VMware Horizon Client as that bridge. 

Once you are connected to the virtual machine, it behaves as if it is the computer on your desk, but it is still operating on the server.  This allows students to access software for their classes wherever they are, as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection.

This software is available to all DSU students, staff and faculty to install on your DSU assigned or personal device.


  • Open the web page in your web browser.

  • You will be presented with some different access options, Install VMware Horizon Client or VMware Horizon HTML Access.

    • The preferred method to access your VM is to use the VMware Horizon Client and not the HTML Access. Using the client will give you better performance and reliability.

    • If you try to use the web client and you get an error. Please fall back to the Horizon Client and put in a Help Ticket.

  • Download the client to your computer by clicking Install VMware Horizon Client.  

  • This will bring you to the official VMware website where you can download VMware Horizon Client for either Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  • Make sure that Horizon 8 is selected in the drop down towards the top left of the webpage.

  • Under Product Downloads, Find your operating system then Click GO TO DOWNLOADS.

  • Select Download Now and Install the VMware Horizon Client. 

  • Use as the server name if the install asks for the name of the Connection Server.  

  • Restart your computer when it finishes.  

Logging into the VMWare Horizon Client:

  • Click the VMware Horizon Client icon on your Desktop or use the Start Menu to start the client.  On Mac OSX, use the search in the top right corner to search for Horizon Client or look in your Applications folder.

  • Double-click the icon inside Horizon Client to join the server, or click + Add Server and create a connection.

  • Type your DSU email address and password to log in.  

  • After selecting Login you will be prompted with DUO Two-Factor Authentication.

    • To recieve a DUO PUSH enter the number 1 into the Next Code text box then select Login and accept the DUO push from your mobile device.

    • To enter a One-Time-Passcode, open the DUO app on your phone and enter the One-Time-Passcode into the Next Code text box and select Login

  • Log into your assigned pool. This will bring up a new desktop window, which is your VMware Horizon virtual machine. 


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