Setup: OneDrive for Business Sync

Setup: OneDrive for Business Sync



This article will help you synchronize your OneDrive for Business to your local machine.

Office365 OneDrive is DSU's recommended cloud solution for personal work files.  For sharing departmental files, please use SharePoint. 


Before you begin:

Sign in to Office 365 with your DSU account here. 

Select the button in the top-left corner, and then select OneDrive.










Install the OneDrive application:

Follow the directions above.
In the lower left corner of the page, locate and click “Get the OneDrive apps”.

For MacOS:
Click “Download”, and install the application. (Note: You should be redirected to the App Store to install the application.)

For Windows 10:
OneDrive is already installed on your device. Click “Start OneDrive”.


Configuring OneDrive application:

Users have two options to start configuring their OneDrive applications:

Option 1:  Select the Sync button.

If you browser asks for permission to open Microsoft OneDrive, click Allow or Yes.
What happens next depends on whether you have the latest version of OneDrive already, whether you are signed in to OneDrive with your work or school account, and whether you use classic OneDrive.

If the Getting ready to sync dialog box appears and nothing else happens, click Get the latest version of OneDrive.
If you already have the latest version of OneDrive and you are already signed in, OneDrive will open and you will be at the next step.

When OneDrive opens and the Sync your OneDrive files to this PC dialog box appears, choose the folders you want to sync, or select Sync all files and folders, and then select Next.
Screenshot of the Sync files from your OneDrive screen in the Welcome to OneDrive wizard
Sync is all set up now. You can close the Getting ready to sync dialog box now, if it is still open in web browser.


Option 2:  Open the OneDrive application.
Enter your email and click “Sign in”. (Note: The screen will redirect to a page containing the DSU logo after your email is entered. This is normal.)
Enter your password and click “Sign in”.
Choose a location for your OneDrive folder. (We recommend using the default location.)
Select which files you want synchronized from your OneDrive and click “Next”.

Your OneDrive for Business files will now appear in File Explorer or Finder as OneDrive for Business– Dakota State University.


Please contact ITS Support Desk.

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