DSU Device Support: FAQs

DSU’s Device Support:  FAQs


What is covered under the standard warranty?

Fujitsu’s standard warranty covers:  defects in material or workmanship under normal use.  System board, LCD, hard drive, keyboard, and optical drive failures.

Standard warranty does not cover:  damaged or worn plastics, this includes the base enclosure and palm rest.  It is the student’s responsibility to take care of these items and protect while in their possession.


What happens if my laptop is damaged?

Students are responsible for any damages to their device while in their care.

Sometimes bad things happen.  Visit the Support Desk with your laptop and technicians will check it out.  Staff will do their best to keep costs down and will work with you to get you back up and running.

Once it is determined which part(s) need to be replaced to get your tablet functioning again you will receive an estimate of the cost.  The Support Desk has many parts on hand and can more than likely repair your device that day.  If your repair will take longer, you will be given a loaner (same model) and your data will go with you until your device is repaired. 


What if my laptop is missing or was stolen?

If your device went missing while on campus, please contact the Support Desk and let them know so we can track your device or determine if it was stolen.

If your device was stolen, please report to the local authorities immediately.  Bring your police report to the Support Desk.  Each circumstance is different, and the Support Desk staff will work with you to help you recover your device.

If your system is not recovered by the end of the current semester, the student may be charged the replacement cost at current fair market value.

Can I bring my personal laptop to the Support Desk for help?

Yes.  Although the Support Desk technicians are limited in their support of your device, technicians will do their best to get issues resolved and the student back in class.  DSU Support Services cannot be held responsible for any unresolvable issues on a personally owned device.

What software is installed on my DSU assigned device?

DSU devices are installed with software which allow students the best campus experience.  All devices have the classroom technology software for wireless connection to the projectors through campus.  The systems are also configured with the latest VM Horizon client software for those who will need access to our VM View and IA labs.  All students who are an active registered student will have access to DSU’s Office365 on their device and up to 4 personal devices.  All browsers are configured to work with DSU campus systems and network. 

Note:  depending on your current program, additional software will be available to you, check your course syllabus or contact your course instructor

What am I allowed to install on my assigned device?

DSU assigned devices are learning tools and there are no restrictions on what you can install on your device.  Please be aware that anything other the University’s supported software will be removed if brought to the Support Desk with a software or OS problem.  This includes operating systems.

What if I am not on campus and need Support Services assistance?

DSU ITS Support Services utilizes the DSUHelp (Bomgar) product to provide remote assistance for those who need help configuring & troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Connect anytime during service center hours and a technician will be able to assist you. If you need to request support outside of service center hours, please submit a Micellaneous Support Request.


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