Respondus: Lockdown Browser Requirements

Respondus:  LockDown Browser Requirements



Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized browser that increases the security of test delivery in D2L.  When students use Respondus LockDown Browser to access a quiz or exam, they are unable to print, copy, to use another URL, or access other applications.

Important Changes to LockDown Browser:

Lockdown Browser Dashboard: The settings to manage LDB are no longer embedded in each individual quiz. Instead, a dashboard is used. It’s linked as a menu item in the D2L Quizzes page.

LDB Requirement to View Quiz Results: The requirement for LDB to take the quiz must be selected in order to select a subsequent option: requirement of LDB to view quiz results (Submission View in D2L).

Auto Launch of LDB: If the second option (LDB to view quiz results) is selected, students must start with a standard browser, navigate to the Quizzes home page and select "Submissions" from the small context menu next to the quiz title. A button "Launch Lockdown Browser" will be there. Clicking the Launch Lockdown Browser button will launch Lockdown Browser and take the student to the quiz Submission view.


To manage Respondus LockDown Browser:

To enable, disable, and manage Respondus LockDown Browser for any quizzes, the instructor needs to go to the LockDown Dashboard first, which is linked as one of the menu items in the Quizzes list page.

LDB Dashboard location

Click to open LockDown Browser Dashboard. All the quizzes are listed in the Dashboard. Each quiz has an action menu to the left of the quiz title. Click the action menu button to open the menu and select "Modify Settings".

LDB Dashboard opened

In the Settings, the instructor can select whether Respondus LockDown Browser should be required to take the quiz, and whether it should be required to view the quiz results. Please note that the first option (required for taking the quiz) must be selected if you want to select the second option (required for viewing quiz results). 

Optionally, the instructor can select to "Lock students into the browser until the exam is completed". If this option is selected, the student taking the quiz wont’ be able to exit the LockDown Browser until she/he submits the quiz.

LBD Setting screen shot

Considering the fact that some students may have technical issues preventing them from completing a quiz in one single session in LDB, and may need to exit the quiz prematurely and re-start, this option is unchecked by default. However, even when this option is unchecked, if the student taking the quiz wants to close the LockDown Browser before submitting the quiz, she/he will be required to enter an explanation why she/he has to exit. This explanation will be sent to the instructor for record. 


LockDown Browser Required to View Quiz Results:

If the option is selected to require students to use the LockDown Browser to view quiz results, students must start with a standard browser, navigate to the Quizzes home page, and select "Submissions" from the small context menu next to the quiz title.

Submission View menu

If the LockDown Browser is required for Submissions View, a button "Launch LockDown Browser" will be there. If the student does not have the LockDown Browser installed on the computer yet, a link is there for the student to download the LockDown Browser. 

Click the Launch LockDown Browser button and it will launch LockDown Browser and take the student to the quiz Submission view. This feature is called “Auto Launch of LDB”.

button to launch LDB



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