Unofficial Transcript: Former Students

Unofficial Transcript:  Former DSU Students



Students can print a copy of their Unofficial Transcript/Course History by accessing WebAdvisor. 

Former students can also contact the Registrar's Office directly at or 605-256-5154.


What you need to know:

Students who have graduated or have not been enrolled in some time may not have an active account or remember their account info and password. 

If you do not remember your BORIS username go to What are my accounts.

Try resetting their BORIS account using the Reset My BORIS Password

BORIS reset dropdown menu screen shot

NOTE:  If you do not see a valid/active account in the drop down to send your password reset link to you will need to:

To submit a change, copy and paste the below section into an email and complete the fields (if required field is left blank, request will not be completed).  Submit Quick Ticket to request new email address added to your account..  NOTE:  this can take up to 24 hours to update new email address into the student system.

STUDENT:  First, Middle and Last Name


STUDENT ID:  If known

EMAIL ADDRESS REQUESTED:  New email contact information

Once you receive email confirmation that your request to add new external email address has been completed (this can take from 1 to 24 hours depending on staff availability), complete the Reset My BORIS password steps above.


To Access WebAdvisor:

Once you have reset your BORIS password you can log into WebAdvisor and select Students from the menu.

Under the Academic Profile heading, click on Unofficial Transcript/Course History.


Choose your Transcript Type by selecting DUG DSU Undergraduate or DGR DSU Graduate from the drop-down list and click Submit.
WebAdvisor Transcript Type drop down menu screen shot

This will bring up a copy of your Course Listing

To Print:

To print a copy of this page from your web browser press Ctrl+P.  Choose your printer.



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