Brightspace Pulse: D2L Mobile App

Brightspace Pulse:  D2L Mobile App for Student & Faculty



D2L has developed a mobile app named “Brightspace Plus” free to download from the Apple and Google Play Stores.  This is available for both iOS and Android.

The app connects to the student’s courses in D2L and uses a calendar to display course work availability as registered in the course calendars, including Dropbox assignments, quizzes, discussion topics, content topics, and other calendar events.

Brightspace Pulse is now enabled for users for the SD D2L system.  Both students and faculty can download to connect to D2L.


Before you begin:

Download and install the Brightspace Pulse app for your smartphone.


Look at Course Schedules:

View of course in Pulse. Note:  multiple courses (distinguished by different colors) are pulled together on one single list.

Course view in Pulse screen shot


Accessing D2L Courses:

Tap the Brightspace Pulse icon on your device to launch.  You will be asked to pick your school.  Choose Dakota State University (if it is shown) or enter in the Search box.
Search for school screen shot

After you have chosen school, you will see a login screen like below:
Brightspace login screen shot

Enter your D2L login and password.  Note:  This is your DSU username/password.

If you don’t see Dakota State University and started searching instead, you will see a form that lets you enter a web address.  Enter into the web address box and click Connect (screenshot below).  You will be sent to the D2L login page.

D2L Connect screen shot

Note:  It may take a few minutes to get connected and list of events to load.

List of Events:

What you will see in the list of events may depend on the following factors:

The number of events available in the calendar of each course you are enrolled in.

The date range currently selected in your Pulse.

The filters selected in your Pulse.

Note:  Only one of the three date settings will show up in Pulse.  They are prioritized in sequence as follows:  Due Date, End Date and Start Date.

If an activity has a Due Date, it will show in Pulse regardless of Start Date or End Date.

If an activity has an End Date but no Due Date, the End Date will show regardless of Start Date.

If an activity has a Start Date only without Due Date or End Date, the Start Date will show in Pulse.

You can open the Filters (near the bottom of the screen) and select classes and event types you want to include in your view (screenshot below):
Expand list of events screen shot from menu bar   Select course from list screen shot

DSU generally recommends you select all four Activities:  Evaluation, Assignment, Reading and To-Do.  You do not want to select “Show graded activities only” as this will limit what students see in the event list.  Once everything is selected, click the Done button.

Note:  For Android platform the Filters are under the three bar icon in the top left corner.
Filters icon on menu bar sreen shot



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