MyDSU: Navigating your MyDSU Page

MyDSU:  Navigating your MyDSU Page



MyDSU’s landing page is your one-stop access for:

Collaboration:  Your D2L classes, DSU email, calendar, to-do list, and more…

Communication:  Campus wide news, events and announcements, department announcements, custom notifications, registration and payment reminders, deficiency notices and more…

Connection:  To WebAdvisor, Desire2Learn, DSU email, bookmarks, student forms, documents, and applications.


SDBoR Landing Page:

Your Home University:  DSU enrolled students will see this option.  Click to enter DSU Student View.

MyDSU logo home view screen shot


Notifications:  Any important notifications will show on Landing Page at login.  Note:  these will also show as notification under your login name once in DSU Student Page view.
MyDSU Notifications screen shot


DSU Student Page View:

My Week:  This is your DSU email calendar
MyDSU My Week screen shot


My To-Do List:  This is your DSU email To-Do list
MyDSU My To-Do List screen shot


Webmail:  This is your DSU email
MyDSU Webmail screen shot


Webmail & D2L Information:  Alerts and News
MyDSU Webmail & D2L Information screen shot


My D2L:  Shows your current semester courses
MyDSU My D2L screen shot


Quick Links:  Links to other campus services and sites
MyDSU Quick Links screen shot


Student Employment:  SNAP login synch, hours log and Starfish.
MyDSU Student Employment screen shot


Portal Feedback and Questions:  Links to provide feedback on MyDSU portal and ask questions (with or without response).
MyDSU Portal Feedback and Questions screen shot


Notifications:  this will show under your login name in the upper right hand corner of the DSU Student View until resolved.
MyDSU Notifications screen shot


ITS recommends using Internet Explorer as your default MyDSU web browser.  MyDSU is a Microsoft server, therefore all features will be available to you.  Those who choose to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari will have limited features and pages may look different then intended.

Check web browser pop-up settings and verify that * is added with Low settings.  This will ensure that when you open WebAdvisor, DSU email, & D2L that these will open in a new window.


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