Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Policy


Dakota State University Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Policy is a 3-Strike Policy set by the South Dakota Board of Regents. The Alcohol and Other Drug Policy is contained within the Student Code of Conduct section of the Trojan Student Handbook.  Dakota State University AOD Policy applies equally to both on-campus and off-campus student alcohol and other drug related violations.

Over the years, questions have arisen on DSU's rationale for the application of AOD policy to off-campus student violations. Dakota State University policy application is based on the following:

EDUCATION: As an educational institution, Dakota State University believes its duty to educate students extends beyond the academic classroom.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Dakota State University is a small campus located within a small community - we have an institutional responsibility to the greater Madison, SD area in which we live and operate.

EMPLOYABILITY: A majority of businesses within the industries our students will enter utilize extensive pre-employment background checks – raising the potential impact that student alcohol and other drug related legal issues have on future employability.

PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE: Extending enforcement off-campus allows Dakota State University AOD Policy to better mirror industry application of similar policy; therefore preparing our students for future employment.

SAVING STUDENT RESOURCES: Dakota State University contracts with area agencies to provide a wide-range of student AOD related services, resulting in a reduced student rate for many of the very services mandated by court sanctions as a result of the violation.

The DSU Student Success Center offers comprehensive student intervention strategies that increase in intensity based on the strike-level, and nature, of the student violation. Dakota State University offers a full-continuum of services ranging from basic alcohol education - to referrals for assessment and case management of formalized chemical dependency treatment. Combined with an effective Student Support Network and a community/campus-wide referral system, DSU's Student Success Center offers programs and services designed to meet a wide range of student need.


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