Dakota State's Laptop Initiative & Program

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to specify the responsibilities of students receiving and using the Dakota State's Laptop Program device.  This includes all of the Fujitsu and Lenovo models, stylus, power adapter and any school software included on the device.  This program also provides students with important information about the policies that govern the use of technology owned and managed by Dakota State University.


LENOVO Device:  Starting Fall 2021 student are assigned a new Lenovo Yoga X1 model.  
After 4 years (8 semesters) of continuous, uninterrupted participation in the DSU Laptop Program, the device assigned to you is yours to keep.

FUJITSU Device: Prior to Fall 2021, student were assigned a new Fujitsu LifeBook T-Series model. 
Students are eligible to purchase their assigned Fujitsu device at fair market value upon graduation or leaving DSU.


All students will receive a license to use the Microsoft Office 365 applications.  These can be downloaded to your assigned device as well as personal devices you may use while attending DSU.  While attending your courses at DSU, and depending on your degree program, faculty in each of our colleges may provide you with additional software to download for your coursework.  

This device is a learning tool while attending DSU, therefore DSU does not prohibit the installation of software.  DSU ITS does recommend that you follow safe downloading practices and are responsible for bringing the device to the ITS Support Desk for any software or operating system related issues, if needed.


WARRANTY REPAIRS:  All DSU devices are covered with standard manufacturer warranty.  If students are experiencing any issues it is their responsibility to alert and bring the device to the ITS Support Desk in a timely manner to be repaired.  DSU IT Support Desk technicians are available to diagnose and repair hardware.  In the event the part(s) needed are not readily available a loaner device will be assigned during the repair.

DAMAGE:  In the event the device is damaged, please bring to the ITS Support Desk for repair.  Most parts are on hand to get the device up and running quickly.  If not, a loaner device will be assigned during repair.  Students will be billed for the cost of parts only (no labor).  This includes misplaced or damaged stylus or power adapters. 

LOSS/THEFT:  In the event of loss/theft, students must immediately file a report with the local police and provide a copy of that report to the Support Desk Manager  If the device is lost or stolen, students will be issued a loaner device while enrolled at DSU.  The student will be responsible for the lost/stolen device's  full replacement cost at which time will be added to your student account.  The loaner must be returned to DSU at the conclusion of your time at DSU.  

Returning/Purchasing your DSU Assigned Device

Dakota State ITS owns and manages all assigned student devices.

  • You must immediately return your assigned device (including stylus and power adapters) at the request of DSU ITS.
  • If you withdraw or transfer from DSU, you will receive a notification from DSU ITS to return or purchase the equipment and all related accessories within 3 days of this notification.  This notification will provide the student with information on what their options are to purchase or return the device, including requesting a pre-paid shipping label to return device in a prompt manner.  Failure to return or purchase the device will result in the replacement cost of this device being charged to student's account.  This charge will be removed from student's account when the device is returned (in good working order) and may be pro-rated if device is not returned in a timely manner.
Appropriate Use

The student is solely responsible for the conduct with which the assigned DSU device, its software, and other College resources accessed by the device are used.  DSU's Student Code of Conduct and all University policies apply to student's use of the device and software installed.  

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