Apply for Graduation

Apply for Graduation



​Students who plan to graduate must apply for graduation in Self Service Banner under Student, then Academic Information, then Apply to Graduate in the semester prior to their planned graduation date.  

The upcoming deadlines to apply are:

Spring/Summer 2024: February 2nd, 2024
Fall 2024: September 27th, 2024

*Check back for final deadline dates - we encourage early applications!

Each candidate for graduation, including students completing coursework off-campus, must formally notify the institution of their intent to graduate by the deadline specified in the academic calendar. Failure to meet the required deadline results in the degree confirmation at a later graduation date.

Undergraduate Students:

Once you have submitted your application, the Registrar will review your program to make sure you will meet all of the requirements by the end of the semester.

Undergraduate students expecting to complete their degree requirements during the summer term will be invited to participate in the spring commencement preceding completion of their degree, if they have applied for summer graduation by the February 2nd deadline.

(*All students completing a formal certificate program of study, associate degree program, or baccalaureate degree program must apply for graduation. Only those students completing an associate or baccalaureate degree participate in the graduation ceremony. Students with a previous degree who are completing the teaching certification block of courses do not need to apply for or participate in graduation.)


Graduate Students:

Verification of degree requirements is completed by the Registrar's Office. Graduate students completing their degree requirements during the summer term will be invited to participate in the spring commencement preceding completion of their degree.

(*All students completing a formal graduate certificate program of study, masters degree program, or doctoral degree program must apply for graduation. Only those students completing a masters or PhD degree participate in the graduation ceremony.)

Link to Apply for Graduation:

Go to


Under Academic Information select Student Personal Information

Open the 4-square Menu Bar (top-left corner, next to ellucian)

Select the following: Banner > Student Links > My Academic Information > Graduation Application

Select the Curriculum Term (this is not your term of graduation, keep the default term as is and select submit)

Select your Program (will need to repeat the process for each program if graduating w/ more than one program)

Select the Term of graduation 

Continue through until application has been submitted




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