Connecting to the Room Camera and Microphones


The rooms listed in  the List of Rooms with Video Conferencing and Recording Capabilities article are equipped with either ceiling microphones or table microphones that are able to pick up the entire classroom or meeting room as well as a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Camera. PTZ cameras are motorized and can be positioned to point around the room as well as zoom in/out controls. The camera and microphone are connected over one USB-A or USB-C cable allowing them to be used as a standard USB device in any software.

Shows a Shure MXA910 white microphone mounted in a suspended ceiling grid.

Ceiling Microphone

Shows a black shure mxa310 table microphone. The microphone is round with a green led light ring around the top with a microphone mute icon on the side.

Table microphone

Black PTZ camera

PTZ Camera


How to Connect

1. Connect the USB-A or USB-C Cable at the instructor station to your laptop. 

  • The USB-C Cable will show your laptop on the projector/TV, play sound out of the room speakers, charge your laptop, and connect the room microphone and camera to your computer
  • The USB-A Cable will connect the room microphone and camera to your laptop only. You will need to connect an HDMI cable to show on the projector/TV and connect to the room speakers.

Shows the front of a USB C Cable on the left and a USB A cable on the right

2. Open the video conferencing or recording software on your laptop and go to the settings to change the microphone and camera. Below is an example of the Zoom settings and which USB device to select. Most rooms will have a "Shure-ANIUSB-Matrix" available for the microphone and "AT-HDVS-CAM" for the camera Note: some rooms will not be named exactly as below and it is recommended you run the Test Microphone and Speakers feature in Zoom to be sure you have the right devices selected.

Zoom microphone settings with the shure aniusb-matrix option highlightedZoom camera options with AT-HDVS-CAM option highlighted



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