Conference Rooms: Uses and Basic Troubleshooting

Conference Rooms: Uses and Basic Troubleshooting



This article will cover the intended uses and some of the basic troubleshooting for the conference rooms located across campus

Before You Begin:

Steps to take before starting

  1. Check that room PC is turned on
  2. Check that mics are muted 
  3. Check volume levels on control panel before playing media or making a phone call



When entering the conference room find the control panel most likely located on the conference table. It should look like the image below, if it does not select the middle tab with the house on it to get to this screen.

Here are the controls on the main screen. The volume slider and the mute button on the right side will control the volume of media coming into the room (i.e. any audio being played off the computer in the room, any laptop that is plugged into the table.)The power button turns the TVs in the room on and off. The microphone button will mute and unmute the microphones on the conference tables

The microphones can also be muted/unmuted by touching the edge of any mic on the table and it will mute/unmute all the mics on the table. 

After pressing the power button for the TVs in the room a computer login screen should appear on the TV's if not then the room PC might be turned off. The room PC is located behind one of the TVs in the room if it is not lit up like the picture below it is either turned off or in sleep mode.

Press the little power button to turn it back on. Once the PC is turned on it can be controlled via the wireless keyboard and mouse on the conference room table. 

A personal laptop can be displayed on the room TV's by plugging into one of the HDMI connections located in the conference table boxes. 


The next capability of the conference room is to make phone calls from the room itself using the control panel. Simply dial the number of the person you are trying to reach and press call. The microphone button has the same mute/unmute capabilities for the microphones in the room as the previous button did. The slider on the right side controls the volume of the person on the other end of the call. Once you are finished with the call press the hang up button to terminate the call.  


When making a video conference using Zoom on the room PC you can control the camera in the room from the control panel. 

CAUTION: Be aware of the surroundings of the camera when using the controls on the control panel. 



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