Change  Audio Playback Devices – Windows


If you do not hear any audio coming from the classroom speakers, it could be due to a wrong playback device selected. This article will show you how to change and test playback devices on Windows.


Before you begin:

Connect an HDMI or VGA with audio cable to your PC.

HDMI – Uses a digital signal that carries audio and video over cable and does not require any additional cables.

 Black HDMI Cable

VGA - Uses an analog signal that only carries video, it does not carry audio. VGA requires an additional 1/8” aux cable to be plugged into the headphone jack for sound to be played through the system.

VGA cable - blue with screw in connectorsAux cable - 1/4" stereo plug



1a. Right click the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen and select playback devices.

Windows toolbar showing the speaker highlighted in the bottom right of the screen.


Shows Windows audio control options once you have right clicked the speaker icon. Playback devices is highlighted


1b. Alternatively, you can hit the windows key and search “Sound”. Chose the option labeled sound under control panel.

showing Windows search results for "sound." The sound option is highlighted


2. A new window will open. Make sure the Playback tab is selected.

Windows sound options are shown. Playback tab in the upper left is selected.


3. Right click in a blank area and make sure Show Disabled and Show Disconnected Devices are both checked.  Any grayed-out devices are disabled. You can enable them by right clicking and selecting Enable.


WIndows playback options box. Black area has been right clicked to show options. "Show Disabled Devices" is highlighted



4. There may be several playback devices present. Depending on the classroom equipment the HDMI playback device for the room is likely an Extron, Crestron, SVSi, or generic HDMI. With the HDMI cable connected, you can find the desired playback device by right clicking any device and clicking Test. This will play a short bell sound. If you do not hear any audio after clicking test, try testing another playback device until you hear a sound from the speakers.

If you are using a Fujitsu laptop with VGA and the additional 1/8” aux cord connected to the PC headphone jack, you will need to use the Realtek High Definition Audio device.


Playback device option. A playback device has been right clicked with the test option highlighted.


5. Once you have found the correct playback device, right click it, and select set as default device. This will select the playback device and if it is plugged in again should automatically switch the playback device.



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