Common Issue: Pop Up Blockers

Common Issue:  Pop Up Blockers



D2L uses popup windows for some of its user interfaces.  Unless you have configured your browser popup attitude certain buttons may do “nothing” when selected.  You will want to configure popup settings.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer (recommended):  Open IE, from the menu bar go to Tools, Popup Blocker, Popup Blocker Settings and add * and * to allowed sites.  Be sure to change Blocking level to Low for best results.
IE pop-up blocker settings screen shot

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox:  Open Options from the 3-bar menu in the upper right hand corner.  From the Options page using the left side menu, select Content.  On the Content page select the Pop-ups Exceptions button.  Enter for the Address of website and then Allow, Save Changes.
FIrefox pop-up blocker settings screen shot

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome:  Open Settings from the 3-dot menu in the upper right hand corner.  From the Settings page scroll down to show advanced settings… and click to exapnd the advanced settings menu.  Scroll down and click on the Content Settings section and select Pop-ups and redirects.  From there, click Add in the Allow section, and add [*.]



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