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Welcome Faculty and Staff,

Welcome to our new initiative from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) – an email digest designed to enrich your professional journey in the world of academia. In this space, we aim to offer you "little bits of knowledge," curated from various trusted sources around the web.

We understand that the bustling pace of work in higher education can leave little room for staying updated with the latest trends and research. That's why we're bringing the essentials directly to you. Our email digest will serve as a quick and accessible resource where you can scan through the most recent and relevant information. From groundbreaking research in higher education to practical teaching tips and strategies, updates on the latest in technology, spotlight on innovative teaching methods, to recommendations for must-read books and articles – we've got you covered.

Moreover, we'll provide insights into effective curriculum design and reminders about upcoming workshops and events at CTL or elsewhere, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Our goal is to support your continuous growth and success while recognizing the demanding nature of your roles. We hope that this digest becomes a valuable tool in your teaching and administrative toolkit, offering a blend of inspiration, knowledge, and practical advice.

We look forward to embarking on this journey together and are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our teaching and learning community. Feel free to skim the material, and check out the areas that pique your interest.




  • Latest News in Higher Education

  • Teaching Strategy: The Flipped Classroom

  • Latest Research: Student Privacy, Online Technology Resources, Online Learning, and Computer Science

  • A Book, An Article & A Podcast: Visual Thinking, Generative AI, and Knowing Your Audience

  • Featured AI Tool: Guidde

  • Other AI Tools to Enrich Your Productivity: Extract key data, generate images, summarize podcasts, and create videos

  • Today's Laugh: Google is all you really need





Today in Higher Education

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Image Source: AI image created through Midjourney - Prompt given: hyperrealistic color illustration, group of college students  walking and talking on a college campus, trees in background.

  • Top 10 Developments of 2023: Inside Higher Ed, Steven Mintz opines his top ten developments of 2023 along with a few education news tidbits.

  • A Year in Review: Dramatic changes in college admissions are assessed by Liam Knox, Inside Higher Ed, with a prediction for 2024.

  • War of the Words: The "squelching" of faculty free speech across some campuses appears to be increasing according to Ryan Quinn, Inside Higher Ed, with the war in Gaza.

  • Professors at Play: Kathryn Palmer writes about a professor, Lisa Forbes, who was fed up with the "rigid approach" to teaching in a university so she co-founded Professors at Play, which connects faculty to playful learning in higher education.





The Flipped Classroom

"Learning is a two-step process...First, you must have some transfer of information; second, you must make sense of that information by connecting it to your own experiences and organizing the information in your brain." 

- Eric Mazur, Professor of Physics at Harvard University

Image Source: AI-generated image from DALL-E

Flipping the Classroom is a pedagogical teaching model that reverses the traditional learning environment. In this approach, students are introduced to content outside of class, typically through online materials like video lectures, readings, or interactive modules. Class time, then, is dedicated to expanding on these materials through discussions, problem-solving, and hands-on activities. This method shifts the focus from passive listening to active learning.

According to EdTech, April 7, 2023, students are responsible for learning the new topics outside of the classroom through classroom lectures. "During class, the educational focus shifts to activities such as debate, case study discussions, experiments, role-playing or reflection on specific topics." The author, Doug Bonderud mentions, that if implemented correctly, the flipped classroom shifts the role of educators from the provider to the facilitator of information.

You can check out the Knowledge Base Article from CTL about Flipped Classrooms here.





Research Articles You Might Be Interested In 🚀


Student Privacy

Journal of Learning Analytics, December 2023

Authors: Mary Francis, Mejai Avoseh, Karen Card, Kevin Streff, and Lisa Newland

From the Abstract: Overall, the case study shows an institution in the early stages of implementing a commercial learning analytics system and provides suggestions for how it can be more proactive in implementing privacy considerations in developing policies and procedures.

Online Technology Resources

Conference: 8th International Conference on Information and Education Innovations, December 2023

Authors: Si NA Kew, Aminuddin Hashemi, Ziauddin Quvanch, Dimitar Angelov, Yahya Al-dheleai, Omid Tajik, Elizabeth Koh

From the Abstract: Not many studies have looked into how low-proficiency English learners utilized the online technology resources for English speaking skills. This study aims to study the online technology resources used by low-proficiency English learners to improve their communication and speaking skills. 

Online Learning

From the Abstract: This study aims to discover if Online Learning Self-Efficacy (OLSE) and attitude toward online learning (AOL) significantly predict the academic performance (AP) among Turkish prospective mathematics teachers. Unlike the studies conducted in the literature, online learning self-efficacy and attitude towards online learning as predictor variables were included in the study and both quantitative and qualitative data were collected. The results obtained from the study can be a guide for practitioners, policy makers and teachers to take the necessary precautions for the effective execution of the distance education process.

ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development, 

M. Kamraju, J Krishnaiah, G Durgesham, Y Madhuri

From the Abstract: This study aims to explore the impact of online education on higher education by examining its benefits and challenges. The study highlights the importance of designing online courses that promote interaction, engagement, and collaboration among students and between students and instructors. It also emphasizes the need for providing adequate support and training to instructors to ensure the effective delivery of online education. Overall, the study concludes that online education has the potential to enhance the quality of higher education by providing opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development.

Computer Science

Conference Paper, November 2023

Authors: Sigrid Schefer-Wenzl Igor Miladinovic Mugdim Bublin Bernhard Taufner

From the Abstract: This paper discusses AI-powered higher education, with a particular focus on the utilization of ChatGPT in computer science degree programs. In particular, we explore the diverse applications of ChatGPT in our lectures, illustrating how it is already transforming lectures, assignments, and interactions within the academic environment. Finally, we present case studies of intended and already implemented course concepts leveraging ChatGPT.

International Journal of STEM Education, 

Authors: Maja Videnovik, Tone Vold, Linda Kionig, Vladimir Trajkovik

From the Abstract: Expanding interest in implementing a game-based approach in computer science education highlights the need for a comprehensive overview of the literature research. This review aims to provide insight into current trends and identify research gaps and potential research topics concerning game-based learning in computer science. Different kinds of games, using different technology, concerning different computer science topics are presented in the research.



A Book

Visual Thinking: The Hidden Gifts of People Who Think in Pictures, Patterns, and Abstractions  – October 10, 2023

by Temple Grandin PhD (Author) 

Grandin delves into the latest research to explore the realm of visual thinking. She uncovers that visual thinkers are not only more numerous in the population than previously thought but also more diverse. This group ranges from "object visualizers" like Grandin, who possess a natural talent for design and problem-solving through vivid, realistic imagery, to "visual spatial" thinkers who are adept at recognizing patterns and excel in abstract, mathematical thinking.

Grandin highlights a significant issue: our world, increasingly dominated by verbal communication, often overlooks visual thinkers. This oversight occurs in educational settings and the workplace, where their unique abilities are not fully utilized, leading to a loss in both productivity and innovation. To address this, Grandin suggests innovative strategies for education, parenting, and employment that embrace and enhance the skills of visual thinkers. Her compelling book emphasizes the necessity of harnessing all types of minds to thrive in a competitive global landscape. Click on the book to take you to a link. (We receive no compensation.)

link goes to Amazon 


An Article

How Generative AI Is Being Received in Higher Education - October 10, 2023

D2L's Kari Clarkson discusses in her blog about new research that showcases how generative AI is being used in Education. Check it out here or click on the image below.


A Podcast

How to Know Our Audience in an AI World, with Jennifer Coon - Dec 14, 2023

Jennifer Coon talks about how to know our audience in an AI world on episode 496 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast.

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Let me tell you about this wonderful AI tool that I have checked out for you. Well, not just for you, for me too! It is called Guidde, yes Guide with an extra "d." You can easily create a "How-To" video for helping students. Guidde is a fantastic tool that's perfect for you if you are looking to spice up your online teaching toolkit. Imagine being able to whip up engaging instructional videos in no time – that's exactly what Guidde offers with its AI-assisted workflow capture. It's like having a tech-savvy assistant who makes creating detailed process descriptions a breeze.

And here's the cherry on top: Guidde's free price lets you create up to 25 how-to videos. It's a fantastic opportunity for you to use this app for your "How-To" videos without spending a dime. So, whether you're introducing new students to a course or guiding them through complex software, Guidde is a great AI tool. It's a smart, user-friendly way to enhance your teaching and make learning a breeze for your students. Try it out and let us know what you think of it. Check out our Knowledge Base Article on Guidde listing the Pros and Cons.

Below is a link to my "How-To" video that I created using Guidde. Click on the video below to take you to the page.

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Other AI Tools to Enrich Your Productivity

Magic DocumentsOrganize, rename, summarize, and extract key data from any document with AI.

SnapbyGenerates super-realistic images instantly by using simple prompts.

Audio Note AI: Quickly transform your thoughts and audio into professional text, with a versatile approach to expressing and recording ideas.

ParsioExtract structured data from your PDFs, emails and other documents, automatically.

TubeOnAI: Summarize and listen to any podcast in 30 seconds with AI.

D-IDCreate stunning videos featuring talking avatars anytime and anywhere.



Google is all you really need...

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