Microsoft Forms - Sharing Attachments

  • I created a Microsoft Form and want to share attachments with other users

  • Microsoft Form Collaborators can not access the attachments users submit in the form



Microsoft Forms can have an attachment field for users to upload files to. By default only the creator of the form has access to user submitted attachments. Collaborators can see the survey results, but will not have permission to access the file until the creator of the form grants it.

Attachments added to a form are uploaded to the Form Creator's OneDrive. The creator will need to change the sharing permission on the folder to grant other users access to the files.



  • Microsoft Forms


  1. Log into your DSU OneDrive here

  2. Click "My Files" from the left menu

  3. Click the "Apps" folder. (Microsoft will automatically create this.)

  4. Click the "Microsoft Forms" folder
  5. There will be a folder with the name of the Microsoft Form your created. Click the folder you would like to share.
  6. Click "Copy Link" from the top menu

OneDrive folder with copy link circled


7. Click the permission option below the link. (It might say something link "People with existing access can use the link")

8. Choose "People you choose" then enter the users you would like to share the attachments with and click apply. Adjust the other options as necessary.

OneDrive sharing options

Sharing with a DSU Distribution Group

1. Copy the link in step 6 above.

2. Open Outlook and start a new email.

3. Add the group in the "To:" field you would like to share the folder with.

4. Paste the folder share link from step 1 into the body of the email. 

5. Microsoft will automatically turn the link red with a warning.

6. Click the link and then click the permission setting.

Outlook email with the link in red with warning sign. Link is clicked showing the permission setting circled.

7. Choose "recipients of this message"

Sharing settings for the folder with Recipients of this message selected.

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