Provided Office Technology Equipment

  • What type of ITS supplies does a new employee receive?

  • What is a new employee vs a new position?



This article is describe the difference between a new employee and a new position and what supplies ITS will provide.



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  • New Position - A position that did not have a prior incumbent and was newly created.
  • Vacated Position - A position that was vacated and being filled again.
  1. New or current employees in a New Position will be provided: 

    • Laptop

    • USB-C docking station/hub

    • Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo

    • One Monitor

    • Webcam

    • Conferencing headset with microphone

  2. New or current employees in a Vacated Position will be provided:

  • Laptop

  • Conferencing headset with microphone

Employees will use the former incumbent ITS issued office technology equipment.

The employee's department will be responsible for the cost of additional or specialized technology equipment that is needed. Additional equipment can be purchased through the Technology Purchase Form.


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