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  • When does my syllabus need to be available?

  • How do I see a previous syllabus?


It is the obligation of DSU to inform students at the beginning of each course of the objectives, requirements, performance standards, and evaluation procedures for the course. This information should be in writing and incorporated into the current syllabus for each course.



  • Microsoft Word



Academic Calendar & Due Dates
Accessible Syllabus Template with Instructions

1. Download/Save the DSU Course Syllabus Template located to the right of this article in the Attachments(s) panel.

2. Open the template in Microsoft Word

3. Save the document with a meaningful and descriptive name before moving on. 

4.The template is set up with styles in a manner that will make the resulting document accessible to screen reading software. The styles include headings that result in the document having a hierarchical structure. You can click View → Navigation Pane on the Word Ribbon to view this structure (you can click any of the headings in the Navigation Pane to be taken to that section in the document).

5. For directions on how to check a Word document for accessibility and convert it to a PDF  -




When does my Syllabus need to be available?
How do I see a previous syllabi for a course I am teaching?
How do I check a Word Document for accessibility and export it as a PDF?
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