How to Report Phishing Emails

  • I think I've received a phishing email. How do I report it to IT?


When you believe you have received a phishing email you should report it to ITS. This gives ITS more options for examining and removing the threat from other inboxes. 

Phish Alert will send you an update on how the message was classified, allowing you to learn more about what is or isn't malicious.

We hope this change makes it easier for you to report malicious emails, so that we can all keep DSU safe and secure.


  • Outlook desktop app (Windows)

  • Outlook desktop app (Mac)

  • Android

  • iOS

ResolutionOutlook desktop app (Mac)
  1. Click on the message in your inbox that you would like to report

  2. Look for the Phish Alert button in the menu ribbon and click on it. It will be near the reply button and have an icon with an envelope with fish hook on it.

  3. A pop-up window will appear, click on the Phish Alert option inside it to confirm.

  4. The security operations teams will review your message.


Mac OS
Web / New Outlook
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