Ensemble Migration and EOL Information

Why are we switching from Ensemble to Panopto?

A SB55 committee was created to evaluate video management systems for state institutions. The committee consisted of faculty and staff from all state institutions. After the committee was formed In, it was announced that Ensemble Video was acquired by Panopto. After the committee evaluated other platforms, it was determined that Panopto would be the system choice for video management.

What will happen to my Ensemble Videos?

On May 16th, 2022 we will start the migration of all Ensemble videos to Panopto. On this date new content will no longer be able to be added to Ensemble. After the migration is complete, you will find all of your Ensemble videos in your Panopto video library. All Ensemble Video users should audit their video library and remove content that is no longer being used/outdated. This will help expedite the migration process and not add unnecessary videos to your new Panopto video library.

How long will Ensemble be available?

Ensemble will be available for this semester along side Panopto and function as it always has. On May 16th, 2022 no new videos will be able to be added to Ensemble while videos begin to be migrated to your new Panopto video library.  If you are creating new content, it is recommended to start using Panopto.

How long will migration take?

Migration is a service provided by Panopto and is estimated to take 10-12 weeks.

What will be migrated?

All videos and playlists will be migrated to your new Panopto video library.

Will Ensemble permalinks still work after migration?

Yes! Part of the migration process will involve redirecting your old Ensemble links to the migrated version in your Panopto library. This will include video permalinks, playlist permalinks, and embed video.



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