Using Microsoft Teams for Phone Calls and Voicemail


You can use Microsoft Teams to call anyone via a chat or keypad options. Watch the video below to learn more about using Teams to make calls, or visit the links below for Microsoft's instructions on calling and voicemail usage in Teams. The Teams app is available for iOS and Android. You can use the Teams app to make and receive calls using your office phone number anywhere you have a WiFi or cellular connection.

How to make calls with Microsoft Teams:


Making Calls:

  1. Start a call from a Teams chat
  2. Call a phone number from Teams
  3. Answer or ignore a call in Teams


If you get a call when the Teams app isn’t open, it will go to voicemail. If the person leaves a voicemail message, then you’ll get an email letting you know you have a voicemail. Email notification of voicemail messages is automatically set up with Microsoft Teams calling.

While you're on a call, if you need to use a keypad to select additional routing options, or you need to put your call on hold or transfer it, you'll start by clicking on the ... (more options) in window for your phone call. When you do that, you'll see the below menu.

More options menu from a Teams call

Learn more at


Using Voicemail:

Learn how to get started with
voicemail by watching this video:

To set up your voicemail and record a greeting:

  • From the Teams app, click your Profile Picture or initials, then go to Settings, and click Calls.

  • In the Voicemail section, click Configure voicemail.

  • To record a new voicemail greeting, click Record a greeting and follow the prompts to record your message.

  • Checking your voicemail in Teams

Want to learn more? See a full list of tutorials at Calling in Teams.


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