Temporary Staff Employment

Temporary Staff Employment Forms:

There are a number of forms that are essential to beginning your employment at Dakota State University.  

These forms will need to be downloaded and completed by the end of your third day of employment. Please bring these forms to the Human Resources Office, along with the proper identification required for the I-9 form. This must be done using the original documents, and thus cannot be done through the mail or email.

Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9):

The Immigration Reform and Control Act requires that all newly employed individuals provide documents that establish identity and employment eligibility and complete an I-9 form within the first 3 days of employment.

DSU will employ only US citizens and aliens authorized to work in the United States. Failure to comply with the provisions of this law will result in the termination of employment.

You will be required to provide two pieces of identification, so please read the accompanying instructions when completing the form.

**All new hire I-9 forms will be processed through E-Verify**

W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowing Certificate:

In order for DSU to withhold the correct amount of federal income tax from an employee's pay, and before the University is able to pay, an employee is required to complete a Form W-4. If you do not provide the University with a completed W-4 form, taxes will be withheld at the maximum tax rate. Non-resident aliens may be subject to other requirements.

Note: If you have been employed at DSU during the current calendar year and have a W-4 on file, you do not need to complete a new W-4 form unless you wish to make a change.


Direct Deposit:

Effective July 1, 2001, Dakota State University requires employees to be paid via direct deposit, except students solely on work study. Campus administration may make exceptions to this only for short-term employees.

If you are unable to obtain a bank account, contact the DSU Human Resources/Payroll Office (605-256-5647). There are a number of financial institutions in Madison who will work with you to establish an account.

The direct deposit form should be completed and a voided check attached, then forwarded to the Human Resources Office as soon as possible.

For employees who work less than 12 months, or in any way have a break in service, the ACH authorization remains in effect upon your return unless you submit a new form. 

Personal Data Statement:

Used only internally, the Employee Personal Data Statement assists the Human Resources Office to collect information used in numerous ways. Equal Employment Opportunity statistics, and an employee's educational history are two examples of information collected via this form. 

Selective Service Registration:

South Dakota Law requires certification that all newly hired employees (including temporary and those hired on hourly labor) have complied with federal selective service registration obligations.

Students employed on the work study program complete the form as part of their financial aid application process. That form is maintained in the Financial Aid Office. It is the responsibility of the hiring unit to ensure completion of the form for students employed on hourly labor funds. 



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