Student Employment

Student Employment @DSU


DSU students have a variety of options for employment on campus!  Questions related to on-campus employment may be directed to the Human Resources Department.

Important Forms:

There are a number of forms that are essential to beginning student employment at Dakota State University.  These forms include:


Student employees, you have the option to either print these forms, complete them and return them to the Human Resources Office prior to your first day of work or stop by the Human Resources Office and they will provide the forms for you. You will also be required to provide proper identification for the I-9 Employment Authorization Form. Identification must be provided within three (3) business days of your first day of work. Please note that these must be original documents, no photocopies, pictures or faxed documents will be accepted. If you are an international student, you will be required to bring your Form I-20, Form I-94, Visa/Passport, and Social Security Card. ​If you have any questions about the forms, please email

Student Employee Pay Schedule:

Calendar Year 2023 




Class II

Class III

Class IV

Class V

Class VI
































Any rate of pay greater than $22.25 per hour will need approval by the

Vice President of Human Resources. 


Related SDBoR/DSU Policies:

Student Labor Hiring Procedure

To ensure consistency and fairness in the hiring of student labor the following process should be followed for all student labor positions.  Not only will this process ensure that the best candidate is chosen for the position, but it will also allow our students an opportunity to be a part of an interview.  From this experience, it is our hope that they will be better prepared for an interview after graduation. 

Student Pay Policy 

Dakota State University’s policy is to compensate these services using the salary schedule. The schedule reflects the Federal and State minimum wage; differing knowledge, skills, and abilities; and to the degree feasible, the market demand for the area. This schedule will be modified to reflect any future changes in Federal and State wage scales.


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