How to Delegate Access to Your Calendar in Outlook

How to Delegate Access to Your Calendar in Outook



From within Outlook you can delegate access to your personal calendar to share it with your colleagues. In addition to giving permission to view your calendar, you are also able to give permissions to create and modify your calendar if you desire.


1. Open Outlook

2. From the File menu, click Account Settings and choose Delegate Access.

3. In the following window, click "Add" and use the address book to search for and select your desired contact. Click Add to select their account. You can add more than one account during this step. Once you have added the desired accounts, click OK.

4. On the next screen, you will be presented with a list of settings for delegating access. If you intend to only share your calendar, choose "Reviewer" in the dropdown menu for the Calendar settings. For Tasks, Inbox, Contacts and Notes; choose None.

5. If you would like your chosen contacts to receive an email notifying them of their updated permissions, check the top box for "Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions". Additionally, if you would like them to be able to view private calendar items, you can check the box for "Delegate can see my private items" This is not recommended.


Once your desired permissions are selected and you are ready to save your changes, click OK to save.

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