Working Remotely - Security Tips & Best Practices

Security Tips & Best Practices for Working Remotely


Before You Begin:

DSU ITS wanted to provide additional resources to help ensure you are secure and protected, while working from home.


Endpoint Security (Anti-Virus): (Staff only)

Make sure the Cortex XDR agent (formerly known as Traps) is installed on your device. Please use the guide below to help check for, and install, the XDR agent on your device. If you are doing DSU related work from a personal device, we welcome you to install the agent on your machine. If you run into any issues, or want help installing the agent, please let Support Desk staff know by submitting a Quick Ticket.

DSU Support Article:

-          NOTE: You will need to log in with your DSU Network Account to access the article and Cortex XDR installer


Phishing Attacks:

Be on the lookout for COVID-19 related attacks. If you want a refresher on how to spot possibly malicious messages, please check out the article below.

DSU Support Article:


Working Remotely:

The Support Desk has created an article on best practices for Working Remotely. The article details what you need to know to work remotely, and explains the ITS-supported technologies you can use. We will make sure to keep this article updated with the latest recommendations.

DSU Support Article:

Other Best Practices:

  • Only connect to secure Wi-Fi networks.
    • Make sure your home Wi-Fi is secured with a strong password.
    • Do not connect to Public Wi-Fi while accessing DSU resources (including email).
  • Ensure your computer’s firewall is enabled.
  • Check that your operating system, and installed software, are up-to-date.
  • Back up and save your files to OneDrive or SharePoint.
  • Lock your screen when you walk away from your computer.
    • Windows Shortcut: [Windows Key + L]
    • macOS Shortcut: [Command + Control + Q]

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let Support Desk staff know by submitting a Quick Ticket.



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