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Self Service Registration - (All Students)

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Prepare for Registration:  To view your time ticket (registration priority).  If you do not have a time ticket assigned, please contact the Registrar's Office at or 605-256-5154.

Browse Classes:  Search for course sections in preparation for registration.

Plan Ahead:  To save a set of course sections to register for at the time of your time ticket.  You will develop this set of courses with your advisor.

Register for Classes:  At or after the time of your registration time ticket and after you have met with your advisor and have a set of course sections for which you plan to register.  Changes to your class schedule can be made through this link also.

View Registration Information:  View, email or print your schedule to verify registration is complete.



Use your DSU email address and password to log in.



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If you recieve the error message “You are not authorized to view this page”, please contact the appropriate admitting office to verify your status:

DSU Admissions at or 605-256-5178
DSU Office of Online Education at or 605-256-5049
DSU Graduate Office at or 605-256-5799

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