General Education

DSU students are required to take approximately 30 General Education Credits during their academic journey. It is recommended that all general education is completed within the first 60 credits. Students should review their DegreeWorks to see if their academic major requires any specific general education course or check with their academic advisor.

There are 5 Goals within the South Dakota Board of Regents(SDBoR) system.

  • Goal 1- Written Communication (6crs) 
  • Goal 2- Oral Communication (3crs) 
  • Goal 3- Social Sciences (6crs) 
  •  Goal 4- Arts & Humanities (6crs)
  • Goal 5- Mathematics (3crs) 
  • Goal 6- Natural Sciences (6crs)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To see a full list of courses that DSU offers in each of the 6 goal areas, go to

Note: A course that counts toward a general education requirement at one of the SDBoR campuses will count towards the same general education requirement at another campus regardless of whether the campus offers the course.


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