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IA LAB: Flash Workaround 2.0

Flash Workaround 2.0 (Updated 10/24/17)



A recent update to Flash from Adobe has introduced a bug that directly impacts the flash plugin leveraged by the IA Lab. While we wait for Adobe to release a fix in the stable build, our current workaround is to install a beta version of Flash version


Before you begin:

These instructions assume that you have Firefox ESR 32-Bit already installed.


Installation Instructions for Windows:

Go to

Download the flash player beta uninstaller for windows


Download the Flash uninstaller        

Run the uninstaller to remove all versions of Flash from your computer

Next download the Flash Beta installer for Firefox on your OS from

Download Flash Player for Firefox Plug-in compatible apps - NPAPI

Close Firefox and run the installer.

Open Firefox and access the IAlab.


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