SSN False Positive Release Form

SSN False Positive Release Form


This form is for requesting the release of email messages that have been flagged for containing Social Security Numbers. Please include the To Address, From Address, and the Subject of the message (located at the bottom of the warning you received).

Social Security Number Detected - Email Sample

From: "" <>
Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 8:53 AM
Subject: [DSU] Social Security Number Detected

Social Security Number Detected

Your message was not delivered because a Social Security Number (SSN) was detected.

Sending SSNs from your DSU Email Account is not permitted as it is highly insecure. Please use a more secure method of sharing your SSN.

If you believe this block was in error, please complete the SSN False Positive Release Form at 


    Message:   B5cc86ff80002.000000000001.xxxx.mml
    From:         Your email
    To:              Recipient
    Subject:      Your Subject



Only complete this form if you have received the above notification.


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Thu 5/2/19 10:13 AM
Thu 5/2/19 10:24 AM