Microphone and Webcam Privacy Settings



If video conferencing or other software says no microphone or webcam is detected, it may be because your privacy settings are not allowing applications to use them.




1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard or click "start" in the bottom left corner.


2. Type "camera privacy settings" in the search. Press Enter to open the camera privacy settings. To change the microphone privacy settings, search "microphone privacy settings" and press enter. Continue with tutorial following the same steps.

Shows the windows search bar populated with the text "camera privacy settings" with the setting showing and highlighted.


3. Once you have the camera privacy settings open, turn on the option to "Let apps use my camera hardware." Below, you can specify which applications are allowed to have access to your camera.


Shows camera privacy settings with the option turned on to allow applications to use your camera hardware.


4. Close and reopen the application you want to use your webcam and microphone in.



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